WHY Dober?

Confidentiality of correspondence and conversations is the right of every person in the world.

Use Dober - and privacy will be increased

Core Principles

Zero trust - the impossibility of disclosing unknown information about a non-existent personу

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Information is protected from unauthorized access, end-to-end encryption is implemented, secure data storage is guaranteed

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There is no bond to a phone number or e-mail, the user's information is not collected or processed

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Information that is processed and stored in the system is available only to the sender and the recipient. Digital signature prevents impersonation

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Own corporate server with random physical and network location and limited access is used

Principle of work

End-to-end encryption and the generation of encryption keys for each message make communication confidential and impossible to intercept.

No account binding to phone numbers or e-mails allows you to communicate anonymously.Dedicated server (requires a license) allows you to avoid publicity as much as possible - unknown server address makes it non-existent.

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Download and use Dober on your smartphone (IOS and Android), desktop (Web-application) or tablet

Safe. Anonymous. Free of charge. No spam, no ads, and no personal data collection

Suitable for such companies

Processing and storage of corporate data, as well as clients personal information - the most vulnerable function and duty of every company. Dober helps keeping information in secret and increase the privacy of communication.

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Financial institutions

Transfer banking secrets and financial information without the risk of leakage or interception

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Legal institutions

With Dober, the exchange of agreements and documents becomes secure, and communication with clients becomes private

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Secret organizations

Dober will not reveal your secrets because he does not know them

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Delivery time, prices and contracts are secure. No chance for business espionage

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Dober will protect design documentation, development discussions and production proccesses

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Public organizations

Use Dober to exchange information - and privacy will be increased

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